Vehicle Remapping

Vehicle remapping is a process which includes accessing your vehicles ECU (Electronic Control Unit) using specialist equipment via your vehicles OBD port located under your vehicles dashboard or in many cases under the vehicles bonnet (Engine Bay).

Certain vehicles can not be remapped via the OBD port and require further steps including removal of the ECU from the vehicle and connecting it to specialist equipment in order to carry out the process. The equipment reads the ECU and extracts a file that controls how your vehicle performs from your vehicle manufacture. The File extracted is then replaced with a new file with its new parameters and then uploaded back to the vehicles ECU.

Benefits of a Vehicle Remap:

• Increase in power and torque
• Increase in MPG in normal driving conditions (reduced fuel bills)
• Removing flat spots and smoother power delivery
• Improved throttle response

Vehicle Remapping Sheffield, Tint Studio