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What is a Microlight ?

There are three main types of microlight; the flexwing type which consists of a delta wing similar to a hang glider with a ‘trike’ unit suspended underneath it;  the 3-axis (or fixed wing) type which looks more like a conventional aeroplane;  powered parachutes which have a ram air canopy below which is suspended a wheeled power unit in which the pilot and passenger sit.

Aircraft Restoration Project.

Follow us here at Tint Studio as we set about restoring to glorious flying condition a Flex Wing Microlight aircraft registration mark MWZR or, as we’ll simply call her, Zulu Romeo.

We’ll post regular updates and photos of Zulu Romeo as we take her through the strip down process refurb & finally the rebuild project with the ultimate goal of getting Zulu Romeo airworthy once again. During this rebuild project, I will be resuming flight training again, something I was doing before work commitments stepped in and a much needed move to bigger premises halted one’s flying ambitions. Anyway, the last time she flew was way back in 2008 when her previous owner took her for a flight around the North East of England over Seaton Carew. Unfortunately for Zulu Romeo’s owner at the time, serious illness struck and Zulu Romeo flew her last flight. That was back in 2008 and since then Zulu Romeo has been grounded as her permit to fly expired. Her previous owner was hoping to recover from his illness and resume flying but sadly it was not to be.

Zulu Romeo is a Quasar 503 Microlight aircraft built in 1992 by Solar Wings Aviation. A 2 seater aircraft the Quasar was seen at that time as the high end of microlight Flex-wing flying. One notable observation is the engine is fully enclosed with an engine cowling so the standardised look of microlights had a fresh new custom look.

History: Built By Solar Aviation in 1992. Total hours logged 397 hrs. - Tint Studio

I purchased Zulu Romeo in May 2018 after seeing her for sale and after a steady run down from the North East Zulu Romeo sits silently in hangar 4 waiting for the day when she’s given freedom of the sky once more. It’s quite a way off but a bucket list project I’ve dreamt of for years.

Anyway, check out the photo’s of Zulu Romeo.

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